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Les Seigneurs d'Outre Monde
Directed by Rémi Hoffmann
Produced by eRe2-lsom - 2016
Casting : Jonathan Durieux, Soizic Fonjallaz, Olivier Grignard, Bernard Belin, Xavier Gojo & Patrick O'blin...
Synopsis : For 1000 years, banned in a luminous Dome, Rashalden, lord of Outre Monde, nourishes his hatred towards the human species. From the plains of Ciampes to Sandhya, the elf city, the rumor rumbles on his return. Jarwin de Kalmeril, carefree Ringston prince, ignores the stakes, but his choice will depend on the future of the world of Eravys...
Official selections :
Los Angels Cinefest 2017 - half finalist
Back in the Box Festival 2017 - Official Selection
FFW Festival 2017 - Official Selection
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